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The Cryptocurrency Conundrum

The Cryptocurrency Conundrum

June 24, 2021

Boy did summer decide to arrive in a hurry this week!   We are expecting triple digits in the greater Seattle area this weekend and my house for one, isn't ready!  Oh well, we long for sunny days for 9-months, only to complain that it's too hot once the warm weather arrives....go figure.  Before I go into this weeks topic on cryptocurrencies, I wanted to share with all of you some exciting news.  I have just finished the design on our new quarterly magazine and they are currently with the printers!  I know many of you have missed my quarterly newsletter, and this new magazine will replace that, and be mailed directly to you in the first week or so of July.  We've worked hard to develop a lot of new content lately, and I hope you really enjoy it! 

Recently, you may have seen a number of major cryptocurrencies fall thanks to a continuing sell-off that began last week. In fact, over $250 billion was lost in the crypto market alone.1

It may be tempting to view this as another volatile moment in the crypto markets, but there’s more at work here than a temporary trend towards selling.

Prior to this moment, over 50% of the world’s cryptocurrency was mined in China using custom-built computers with a high hashrate. Hashrate, or the rate at which calculations can be performed, is a crucial factor for those who “mine” cryptocurrency. The higher the hashrate, the more calculations that can be completed per second, and the more cryptocurrency that can be mined.2

However, these super-powered machines also require a phenomenal amount of power—enough to overload local infrastructure in some cases.3

This has led to China directing its electric companies to cut power to major crypto-mining operations across the country. The question is, why now? There may be multiple reasons, but the Chinese government has claimed that it’s acting now because of concerns around crypto’s volatile price, concerns over electricity use, and cryptocurrency’s potential use for money laundering and illegal dealings.4

We are not currently recommending any of our clients invest in cryptocurrencies, and believe them to be a speculative asset class that is not appropriate for most investors. Only people with a high-risk tolerance should consider cryptocurrency assets, and for now we are hoping to see further regulations, broader asset type access, and liquidity provisions improve.  

Like other alternative assets, cryptocurrency can be illiquid at times, and its current values may fluctuate from the purchase price. Cryptocurrency assets can be significantly affected by a variety of forces, including government decisions, economic conditions, and simple supply and demand.

Give us a call today if you have any questions about the above, or just want to chat. We’re always here to help!

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