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At Crossroads Capital Management, we don’t simply advise our clients on their finances. With us, it is personal. Everything we do, we put our heart and spirit into. We are passionate about ensuring that each and every unique client we serve has a financial plan that is as diverse as they are. With our data-driven three-step process, we carefully assess, plan, and manage your every financial concern. Our clients do not look at us as brokers. We are the light that guides them on the path on their financial life. Our clients know that they can come to us with any questions or concerns they have. The doors at Crossroads Capital Management are always open. We are trusted friends and confidants to many. Come and discover how we go above and beyond expectations.


Investment Consulting


Many people find themselves asking questions about how to invest money. Of course, there is not one simple answer. However, beginning is very simple. First, get a registered investment advisor representative involved in the process. Every investor’s journey begins with financial goals. It is essential to consider what you want your wealth to do for you. Your goals will determine the approach you take on how to invest money. Because no two financial situations are identical, no two investment portfolios will look the same. A registered investment advisor will help you sift through what you have, your goals, your timeframe, and more to create your investment portfolio and show you how to start investing.


Why is Investment Consulting Important?


Investment consulting is so vital for several reasons. Many people have the desire to invest their money and don’t know how to start investing. A strategic plan allows individuals and businesses to pursue their investment endeavors because the road to success is mapped our for them during the investment consulting process. Investment consulting holds the keys to financial success. Without a plan, how can you know what to do next?


Investment Consulting Objectives


In the fast-paced digital world we live in today, options for investing your money are ever-increasing and there is no evidence that this will slow down. There is always a new trend or a new product available that stirs up a craze with inexperienced investors. However, each investment option can be categorized into three basic characteristics; safety, income, and capital gains. These options encompass the objectives of an investor. These objectives come with the innate ability to counteract one another. Finding the balance between the three is vital. A registered investment advisor representative will help with this, which is in part why investment consulting is so important.


  • Safety – It is impossible to eliminate risk completely when investing. Every investment comes with some level of risk. Risk is inherent to investment. However, it is possible to get a very low level of risk and have a modest portfolio. Government-issued securities and stable economic systems tend to be safer investment options. AAA-rated corporate bonds from large and stable companies are another. Very safe investment options can also be found in securities such as Treasury bills, certificates of deposit, commercial paper, and bankers’ acceptance slips. Of course, having such low risk involved in your investment portfolio comes at a cost. Returns tend to be just as modest as the investments themselves. Low risk generally equals low return.
  • Income – Focusing on income can lead to purchasing some of these same fixed-income assets. However, instead of prioritizing safety, income becomes the goal. People at or near retirement tend to focus highly on income since they will no longer receive income from an employer. Government and corporate bonds can be involved, but investors focused on income may go beyond the safest AAA-rated choices.
  • Capital Gains – Capital growth is achieved when assets are sold. Stocks are capital assets. Outside of payments for dividends, stock owners must cash them in to achieve gains. There are numerous kinds of capital assets ranging from precious stones to real estate. They all come with a level of risk to the investor. Selling at a price lower than the paid price is considered a loss in capital. The stock market offers some of the most speculative investments out there because returns are unpredictable. However, some stocks are risky, and some stocks are even riskier. From blue-chip stocks to growth stocks, risk levels vary greatly.


Registered Investment Advisor Representative


Balancing primary investment objectives like safety, income, and capital gains is key to successful investment. A registered investment advisor representative will ensure that your portfolio is diverse and balanced. Investing is more than buying low and selling high. Having an investment consultant opens doors to new and effective strategies that will benefit you